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If you have a passion, we have an internship to match. At Shopify, we're currently offering 4-month internships that are open to everyone. The opportunity to shape how entrepreneurs around the world do business is in your hands.

Applications for Fall 2024 Engineering Internship are now closed.

Our Winter 2025 applications will open later this Summer!

Shopify’s intern culture

While Shopify’s digital-first internships allow you to design your life around what matters to you most, we know the importance of community. From supplementary learning sessions to virtual workshops and curated in-person experiences, there’s no lack of opportunities to meet and connect with other interns.

One week, you might be pairing with your mentor in-person in our Toronto pair programming booths, and the next, attend a virtual professional development session on how to give better feedback. Your internship will have the benefit of flexibility in your day, along with the support of your community and relationships to make it about more than just the work.

Santos Gagbegnon a software developer at Shopify

I enjoyed seeing the impact of my project. It was clear that the work I was doing was making a difference for merchants.

Santos Gagbegnon, Software Developer

Engineering Internship opportunities

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  • Backend Engineering Intern

    Our Backend Engineers build and maintain the largest Rails application in the world. Our teams deploy new code many times a day, and our production scale is massive. This is a great internship for folks with a passion for solving tough problems with performant code.

  • Infrastructure Engineering Intern

    Our Infrastructure Engineers build large distributed systems at scale, automating development processes, or creating internal tools. This is a great internship for folks who are excited about performance and resiliency.

  • Frontend Engineering Intern

    Our Frontend Engineers work closely with the software engineering team, designers, and product managers. Our teams work on incredible merchant-facing products but also developer-facing tools. This is a great internship for folks who are passionate about creating human-centric interfaces, accessibility in web-development, and solving complex UI and UX big-data problems.

  • Mobile Engineering Intern

    Our Mobile Engineers work alongside our designers and product managers to build and launch new features for our apps. This is a great internship for folks who want to work on large-scale apps that are ever-changing, enabling streamlined entrepreneurship for hundreds of thousands of users.

The process

From submit to success

1. Apply

Submitting a completed application is the first step in the process. In the section below, we have assembled some resources to help you put your best foot forward.

2. Technical Challenge

All successful applicants who pass our initial application will move onto our Engineering Internships Technical Challenge. You must pass the initial application in order to receive the Technical Challenge.

This is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your programming skills in one Engineering discipline. The Technical Challenge should take between 1-2 hours, but don’t worry if it takes you shorter or longer. We will contact applicants to let them know if they progress to the Life Story!

3. Life Story

The Life Story interview is about understanding the themes of your journey so far, what you have learnt, and how you made a difference. It will also give you a chance to better understand how we work at Shopify. Before your interview you will receive more information describing the interview and how to best prepare.

3. Technical Interview

Applicants moving beyond the Life Story interview will have one final interview with two members of the Shopify team. You’ll be informed ahead of time what you need to prepare.

4. Decision

Time to celebrate! Successful applicants are placed on teams based on their interests, skills, and experiences. Each team placement is done individually with significant consideration.

An example resume

Resume help

To get started on your application, you’ll need a standout resume. We know writing a resume isn’t easy, so our recruiting team has put together some tips to help you get started!

∙ Review resume examples for your industry
∙ Include only the most relevant information
∙ Call attention to important achievements using bullet points
∙ Proofread and edit
∙ Ask a friend to proofread
∙ Customize your resume to different jobs

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