Frequently Asked Questions

No, our Engineering Internships are open to current students, recent graduates, career switchers, and bootcamp graduates - basically anyone with less than 2 years of work experience in the craft! 

We currently offer internships in Software Development.

As an applicant, we look for the desire to work at Shopify, some relevant experience, authenticity, autonomy, and a full application (answer all questions). As an employee, we want folks who will work hard, be curious, get stuff done, learn a lot, and have a growth mindset.

We look at everything, including: internship experience, projects, activities, interests, club involvement, etc. Some of the things we look for are passion and curiosity. We love working with people who are passionate about their work and the problems they solve. We look for constant learners who learn beyond what’s expected.

Engineering Interns are treated like full-time employees. You’ll work on real projects with dedicated mentors, and have a real impact on the work, our platform, and our culture.

Unfortunately not. We ask that you prioritize working full-time during your internship.

While we have hired for non-Engineering internships in the past (Finance, Marketing, Sales, etc) the Engineering Internships Program team does not have any non-Engineering internships planned at this time.

Engineering Internships are currently available to those that have existing authorization to work in the location of the internship with a valid work permit for the duration of the assignment. 

Learn more about our interview process and how we hire here!

Every intern is paired with their own mentor. You can expect your mentor to support your onboarding to Shopify and your development goals, set clear intended outcomes, create a safe learning space, provide timely feedback, and share craft expertise.